Yabu Pushelberg


從紐約和多倫多的工作室,Yabu Pushelberg匯集了創新的材料,有才華的工匠,以及一種潮流超越的方法,它堅定地確立了作為一個國際創意領袖的實踐,為它所產生的設計的個性和情感共鳴而著稱。

Serendipitously brought together in 1980 by a shared hunt for a studio space, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have created a globally renowned collaborative interior architecture and design practice driven by curiosity, experimentation and attention to detail.

From its studios in New York and Toronto, Yabu Pushelberg brings together innovative materials, talented artisans and a trend-transcending approach that has firmly established the practice as an international creative leader, celebrated for the personality and emotional resonance of the designs it produces.