Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic 1965年出生于慕尼黑,隨后在英國帕納姆學院作為一個木工學徒,并后期在倫敦皇家藝術學院設計設計,很快他開始在Jasper Morisson 工作室做設計師, 1991年Grcic在慕尼黑成立了他自己的工作室“Konstantin Grcic工業設計”,在這里他為一些知名的品牌設計家具、物品、燈具,例如Authentics,Driade, Flos, Vitra 以及 Magis。他極簡的設計把材料縮減到極少,同時讓人感覺有一定的固執。相比臨時的時尚,他更喜歡極簡主義。 

由于人們對功能的需求非常高,這使得Grcic的設計理念非常成功,Grcic對于一些框框架架的東西也有他自己富有創意和幽默的看法,他許多的作品都獲得了讓人夢寐以求的獎項,2001年他為Flos設計的多功能燈“Mayday”獲得了意大利Compasso d’Oro獎,同時被紐約現代藝術博物館永久收藏。

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich in 1965. Following his training as acabinet maker at Parnham College in England, he studied design at the RoyalCollege of Art in London. Just a short time later, he started working as adesigner in Jasper Morisson’s studio. In 1991, Grcic established his own officein Munich, Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design, where he creates furniture,objects and lamps for renowned manufacturers such as Authentics, Driade, Flos,Vitra and Magis. The products are appealing thanks to a simple design which isreduced to the essentials and which also has the effect of seeming a littleheadstrong at the same time. In contrast to the temporary fad that isminimalism, Grcic’s concepts are successful thanks to a level of functionalitythat is defined by people’s needs and are appealing with their ingenious andhumorous view of formality and severity. Many of his works have been awardedcoveted prizes. In 2001, his multipurpose light ‘Mayday’, which he designed forFlos, won the Compasso d’Oro and was also incorporated into the permanentcollection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.